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  • Colin T

The Benefits of Adding an Awning to Your Business: Increased Foot Traffic and Brand Visibility

An awning can be a great addition to any business, as it can help to increase foot traffic and brand visibility. It's always eluded me as to why many businesses spend THOUSANDS of dollars inside renovating a business and don't dress up the outside of the building. Perhaps, with the cost of construction, an opening business runs out of money before they even get to the outside of the building?

BUT IT'S A HUGE MISTAKE. A well-designed and creatively designed awning with graphics - custom colors and brand identity get potential customers INSIDE THE BUILDING Before a customer makes a decision to walk INSIDE to see all the awesome work you've done; they have already made a judgement and have preconceived ideas about your business from seeing the outside.

IDENTITY IS EVERYTHING AND IT MATTERS. How many times have you entered a restaurant you've never frequented and decided NOT to eat there? Chances are - very few times. Custom awnings in Charlotte are a huge investment. Pulling a building permit for an awning can be time consuming and also expensive. But it's ALWAYS wise to invest in getting people inside in a retail or restaurant setting.

One of the main benefits of a fabric awning or outdoor dining area covered by a canopy at a restaurant is that it can provide shelter from the sun and rain, making it more comfortable for customers to walk around outside, eat an awesome meal or browse your products or services from outside if you are a retailer. This can be especially important during the hot summer months, when the sun can be particularly intense.

In addition, an awning can also be used to display your business's name and logo, helping to increase brand visibility and attract more customers. You can choose from a variety of colors, styles and designs for your awning, allowing you to match it to your business's branding and aesthetic. Patriot Awning has a full-service graphics department. With our Sunbrella Graphics System, we can even apply graphics to your awnings.

Overall, adding an awning to your business can provide a variety of benefits, from increased foot traffic to improved brand visibility. With the right design and visibility, an awning can be a valuable asset to any business.


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