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Solution Dyed Polyester vs. Acrylic

We've all seen the canopies that are available at Lowes, Home Depot, Big Lots and other retailers. The 10x10 Canopy that looks nice on the floor inside the store. These Chinese awnings come in a box and you can buy them for as little as $300-$1000. The only constant in life is change so the things we buy and find ourselves inside and outside our homes come and go... But some things go a LOT QUICKER. We get calls all summer long for us to come recover these canopies. If ya buy one, buy several extra covers. They last only a year or two. Why?

POLYESTER ROTS IN THE SUN. And we would never use a solution dyed polyester on any awning frame unless it were built for a movie set and they specifically asked us to. It's difficult to weld, it sews ok, but we don't like doing jobs twice. We don't like making a few extra dollars and leaving customers unsatisfied. It's not worth it.

UNDERBUILT FRAMEWORK that is mostly made in China (along with the cover) and these frames (even if we wanted to) we could not put a decent cover on because the fabric attachment is temporary or otherwise inferior. If you do decide to buy one of these you'll need to make absolutely sure that you anchor this to your concrete pad or deck. Why?

AWNINGS AND CANOPIES ARE A LOT LIKE KITES As the owner of Patriot Awning, a 245lb guy, I've literally had an awning lift me up off of a ladder as I've tried to install one on a windy day. I remember once going on a sales call when I worked at Austin Canvas to check out an awning that needed repair. This was at a shopping center; and this awning had a projection of about 8' and was constructed out of steel. We'll I walked around the center and couldn't find it so I called the property manager. She then told me it was on the ROOF! The previous company (not our friends at Austin) didn't attach the frame to the giant steel beam that the front of the awning was resting on and so it flew on top of the building!

DON'T BUY A DISPOSABLE AWNING And that means ANY awning or canopy. If you don't buy an awning from us, contact another awning manufacturer. Make sure that they are making their own frames and covers. Ask about how the awning is attached. And don't buy Chinese awnings - unless you only need it for an event. We all have reasons for buying things. We don't judge - but at least now ya know. If you have a strange sentimental attachment to your storebought awning and need a cover made, we know a company that might be interested. We can point you in the right direction.


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