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Fabric Canopy and Awning Installation by Patriot Awning, an awning manufacturer in Charlotte, NC, Patriot Awning

Commercial Fabric
Awnings & Canopies

Patriot Awning is a trusted manufacturer contractor and installer of awnings.

When you trust a full-service awning company with your project you get results and remove any third party from interference! Since we manufacture the frames ourselves, we manufacture the covers ourselves, provide awning graphics ourselves and permit the job ourselves... We don't have 5 different entities involved and the project can be much better managed. AND this keeps our overhead LOW.

Fabric Awnings and canopies are a smart way to communicate your character, add beauty to your workplace, expand your space, provide energy-saving protection from the elements and offer a stylish welcome to customers. These Commercial awnings and canopies create a handsome complement to your architecture.

Restaurant Patio Curtain Enclosure by Patriot Awning Company, a manufacturer of patio enclosures and curtains, Patriot Awning

American Made Fabrics

Sunbrella isn't all that we offer. Sunbrella isn't appropriate for every project! But this is one of the many American made fabrics we offer for our custom-built awnings and canopies!

We use Sunbrella Awning Fabric, Patriot Awning

Awning and Canopy Permitting

Let's face it... NOBODY likes dealing with the government. If you read the NCSBC you must permit even a small awning. If you want us to permit your project, we offer engineered drawings and can pull your permits as well. It's a time-consuming process and an expensive one. But we can do it.

Drawings for Awning Permits in Charlotte NC are required. Patriot Awning pulls permits for awnings, Patriot Awning

Aluminum Framework

We build all of our frames using high grade extruded Aluminum. Aluminum frames are lightweight but incredibly strong. Ask about the wall thickness of your aluminum frames with other awning outfits. We use .090 wall thickness where some of our competitors use .062. Our frames are STRONGER and more durable.

Aluminum Awning Frame Installation by Patriot Awning Company, Charlotte Leading Manufacturer of Awnings, Canopies and Walkway Covers, Patriot Awning

Our Awning Graphics Department

Whether you need some simple lettering or something multi-color, full print and applied to Sunbrella - we do this in house on our own equipment and we do it very well! Did you know that some awning outfits don't full print awning graphics? If you don't they'll look great for about two years. Then they will FADE horribly. Trust a company that does this in-house unless you don't mind recovering your awning every couple of years.

Awning Frames with Graphics by Patriot Awning Company, Charlotte's Awning Supplier and Contractor, Patriot Awning

Our canvas awnings include traditional fabrics, such as Sunbrella and Ferrari 502, as well as back-lit vinyl fabrics. Back-lit vinyl fabrics can be illuminated from within for greater nighttime visibility. Our canvas awnings are meant to withstand year-round. Rain, shine, or wind - our awnings are constructed of premium quality materials meant to last. Patriot Awning Company recreates your environment in style by designing, fabricating, and installing striking awnings for your business.

Our graphics department can apply your company’s logo, name, or address onto the fabric of the awning. This can serve as a sign or as a compliment to your existing signage and is the perfect showcase of your business. Awnings and enclosures make your outdoor space beautiful as well as comfortable for your clients while they are dining. Our metal awning products include standing seam awnings, overhead-supported (wall-mounted) canopies, custom architectural louvers, and walkway covers.


Our Distinctive Fabric Awning & Canopy Designs Include:

  • Aluminum Canopies

  • Aluminum Awnings

  • Marquee Awnings

  • Hanger Rod Awnings

  • Metal Awnings

  • Fabric Awnings

  • Awning Repair

  • Custom Canvas Products

  • Curtain Enclosures

  • Restaurant Enclosures

  • Clear Windows

  • Straight Slope with Open Sides

  • Straight Slope Awning

  • with Valance

  • Straight Slope Awning

  • Straight Slope Awning

  • with Valance

  • Concave Awning

  • Quarter Barrel Awning

  • Quarter Barrel with

  • Dome Sides Awning

  • Half Barrel Awning

  • Dome Awning

Our trained professional staff will design, manufacture and install your custom commercial canvas awnings from start to finish. We understand that if your commercial canopies look good we look good.  Our label will be on your awning! Our commercial canopies reduce the heat, light & UV rays by up to 86% while maintaining your view. For total sun blockage, we utilize solid dark Sunbrella fabric colors on your canvas awning. 

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