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Clear window curtains for restaurant used in Patio Enclsoure or Curtain Enclosure manufactured by Patriot Awning


Free Rent!  Restaurant Curtain Enclosures Deliver!

With a covered outdoor seating area with our patio enclosure, you can stop sending customers to eat at your competitors! These systems, if you are turning customers away will pay for themselves. Seat people outside when it's 40 degrees and crank up the heat! Create an exciting outdoor eating experience in January and even Valantine's Day! Our patio enclosures are perfect for event venues, restaurants, outdoor dining areas and just about anywhere you want to enjoy a 4 season room outdoors.

These enclosures create warm spaces and bring an otherwise vacant area to life even in the coldest days of winter! We can add to the square footage of your seating area and your customer's will LOVE being outdoors - even on cold or rainy days!

Restaurant Curtain Enclosure by Patriot Awning in Charlotte, Patriot Awning

Maga-Track Roller Curtain Enclosure

This streamlined option is much more attractive than the budget friendly roll-up option. This non-captured side system doesn't protect as much against wind, but it looks FANTASTIC. 

Restaurant Patio Enclosure in Charlotte Manufactured by Patriot Awning LLC, charlotte's awning company

Fixed Frame Emergency Egress Doors w/ Panic Hardware

Keep the fire marshal happy! If your patio enclosure needs an emergency egress, we can accommodate that requirement and keep Govco off your back!

Emergency Exit Fabric Door in a Restaurant Patio Curtain enclosure, Patriot Awning

Low-Cost Standard
Roll-Up Curtain Enclosure

Rope and pulley operation or straps with cam-buckles. Custom fit and made in our production facility. We use extruded clear windows, Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabric, and YKK#10 Zippers for this option. Weighted Pipe at the bottom for ease of rolling.

Retaurant Curtain Enclsoure in Charlotte, Patriot Awning

Fenetex Retractable Screens

Want the best money can buy? Fenetex Screens are made in the USA and Patriot Awning is a preferred dealer. Our captured side systems feature an innovative NON-ZIPPER track system with weighted LOCKING hem bars and SOMFY motorization! Reduce having to call us for service with Fenetex because these innovative curtains can SELF CORRECT if they come out of the track! We can customize this to fit any rectangle or square opening.


Patriot Awning Company has an innovative approach in the design and construction of restaurant patio enclosures over the last decade. We have built almost every kind you can think of – and for an astonishing variety of clients. We have often found that, when our clients first approach us with a new idea, they are uncertain of what to make of the multiple and various available choices. While we tackle each project on its own details and merits, our sales team can help you pick the best system where budget meets  function. 

When it comes to restaurant patio enclosures, we are really quite spoiled for choice. If you’re in the market for a new restaurant patio enclosure at your place of business, you will find yourself faced with a vast range of options and price ranges. From a simple manual operated system to a more complex motorized system integrated with other Somfy home automation, Patriot Awning Company offers a wide variety of Restaurant Patio Enclosures for your commercial building needs. We also custom-build both canvas and metal awnings and canopies to your exact specifications for your outdoor space.

Patriot Awning Company's patio enclosures are designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to bring the indoor comfort outdoors! We will never compromise on American Made Quality, durability, or innovation - we don’t think you should either. Our Restaurant Curtain Enclosure options provide your guests with an unmatched experience enhanced by unobstructed views and protection from the elements. Choose from our selection of MAGAtrack, Rope & Pulley, Roller-TRACK, Manual Operated or Cassette Models with captured sides! We are committed to building the best American-Made solution for your entertainment venue and outdoor dining space while providing superior customer service throughout the process.

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