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Charlotte Awning Supplier, Metal Awnings, Metal Canopies, Patriot Awning

Metal Awnings

AmeriDeck Extruded Awnings & Canopies

Our AmeriDeck System is a first class extruded aluminum system! These metal awnings and canopies are lightweight and durable. Patriot Awning offers a vast array of  18 different gutter / fascia options and 6 different overhead support options for our marquee awnings. These awnings with overhead supports or rods do not require posts and can extend out up to 8'-0" depending on the wall we are attaching to. With our custom powder coated finish options each project we create is just as innovative and unique as the first. Our AmeriDeck metal awning system features an integrated gutter with scuppers or downspouts to channel the water where you want it to drain!

Metal Awnings and Canopies, Patriot Awning

AmeriDeck Overhead Supports

AmeriDeck Metal Awnings feature 6 different support options! Rods, clevises, round or square hanger rods. We also offer several different bracket or escutcheon plate options for these aluminum awnings. The possibilities are vast. These marquee awnings are absolutely gorgeous.

Metal Awning Installer in Charlotte, Patriot Awning

EconoDeck Awnings & Canopies

These roll-formed lightweight awnings and canopies are all about function! These are also perfect for loading docks, churches, schools, MRI trailers, or even homes. These can be post supported marquee awnings or post supported. The EconoDeck Awning & Canopy system is available in manufacturer's standard colors only.

Metal Awnings and Canopies, Patriot Awning

Metal Awnings & Canopies

Metal Awnings are built to last. Our standing seam panels have a kynar finish to exceed decades in the brutal elements. The cost of ownership is lower with metal awnings and canopies, but the upfront cost is much higher. Our flat metal awnings and canopies are a great way to add a huge level of class and functionality. 

All of our metal awnings are manufactured in our facility in Charlotte, NC. This gives us the ability to make the perfect awning for your space and do so competitively.

Metal Awning Canopy in Charlotte, NC, Patriot Awning

AmeriDeck Fascia Options

Ranging from 6" to 12" Fascia with many different profiles to list. We can create custom profiles as well.

Metal Awnings, Patriot Awning

AmeriDeck Decking Options

There are several different decking options for our AmeriDeck metal awnings and metal canopy line. Roll-Formed or Extruded. Our extruded decking comes in several different profiles and is available in any powder coated color. Our roll-formed decking is available in manufacturer's standard colors only. Want to park a motorcycle on a marquee awning? No problem! We can make it happen!

Metal Awnings, Patriot Awning

Standing Seam Awnings

Patriot also is a manufacturer of Standing Seam Awnings and Canopies. We offer several different colors and profiles for those that want a more permanent solution vs fabric.

Standing Seam Awning Supplier in Charlotte, Patriot Awning

Our AmeriDeck aluminum metal awnings and canopies effectively make your place of business more welcoming and pedestrian friendly. Patriot Awning will create an immediate impact by the custom powder-coated finishes for your Charlotte business. Patriot Awning Company recreates your environment in style by manufacturing, designing, and installing striking fabric and metal awnings and canopies for you and your business in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are Charlotte's awning installer & manufacturer! Everything we build is a custom made awning & canopy solution. We can pull permits for simple and complex projects including cantilevered MRI trailer awnings and canopies, shopping centers, retail stores and even churches! Our Amerideck aluminum awning system is a custom made awning solution. We serve all of North Carolina and South Carolina!

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