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Retractable Awning Dealers In Charlotte, Patriot Awning


Retractable Awnings

The Best in Charlotte Retractable Awnings - We're actually located in Charlotte!

Retractable awnings have the versatility to fit your needs. Whether you want sun or shade, a retractable awning puts the control in your hands. These awnings are available in units up to 40 feet wide with projections up to 13 feet. Customize your retractable with optional accessories and choose from four decorative frame finishes.

Add a retractable awning to your business. Add style, space, and a breath of fresh air to your outside seating area or make an inside area more comfortable with a commercial canvas awning or commercial canopy. Now you can utilize your patio or eating area during the mid-days sun and heat in Charlotte, NC.

Retractable Awnings in Charlotte, Patriot Awning

Somfy Motorization

Somfy is a French made motor. But it's the best money can buy. All of our awnings that are motorized have Somfy Motorization. If your awning company is offering a Dooya motor it is made in CHINA.

Somfy Motorization, Patriot Awning

Sunbrella Awning Fabric

All of our retractable awnings come with Sunbrella Awning Fabric. Sunbrella is made in Anderson, SC.

Sunbrella, Patriot Awning

But... The Dirty Little Secrets.

Retractable Awnings are GREAT for protection from the sun. That's it. Anyone that tells you that a retractable awning can be used in the rain is misrepresenting what they are selling and here is why: Lateral arm retractable awnings are not designed for inclement weather. Damages caused by weather related events are not covered under your warranty. Many "awning companies" in Charlote are selling CHINESE units with CHINESE motors and 100s of CHINESE moving parts. Some of these companies don't even have a shop - just a guy with a truck selling awnings out of his garage. Because we only sell American Made products, we are not the cheapest outfit out there. We don't want to be. Some things we just won't compromise on. The best things are made in the USA and so are our retractable Awnings by Rainier.

Retractable Awnings in Charlotte, Patriot Awning

Gore-Tenara Thread

Believe it or not, some retractable awnings still come with thread that will rot out in a few years. Using a PTFE thread on a spring loaded retractable could prevent a serious injury. 

Awning Thread in Charlotte, Patriot Awning
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