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Porch Enclosure by Charlotte Awnings Supplier Patriot Awning Company

Curtain Enclosures

Need more room outdoors?

Expand the heated square footage of your home with a Porch / Patio enclosure by Patriot Awning! From simple to complex our team will design something that is functional and budget friendly or something for the uncompromising entertainer!

Porch Enclosure by Charlotte Awnings Supplier and Installer Patriot Awning Company

Maga-Track Roller Curtain Enclosure

This streamlined option is much more attractive than the budget friendly roll-up option. This non-captured side system doesn't protect as much against wind, but it looks FANTASTIC. 

Maga-Track Roller Curtain Enclosure, Patriot Awning

Low-Cost Standard Roll-Up Curtain Enclosure

Rope and pulley operation or straps with cam-buckles. Custom fit and made in our production facility. We use extruded clear windows, Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabric, and YKK#10 Zippers for this option. Weighted Pipe at the bottom for ease of rolling.

Porch Enclosure by Charlotte Awnings Supplier Patriot Awning Company

Captured Side Curtain Enclosure System

Want the best money can buy? Our captured side systems feature zippered tracks weighted bars and motors and remotes! We can customize this to fit any rectangle or square opening. We do not recommend clear windows with this option!

Captured Side Curtains in Charlotte, Patriot Awning
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