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Patriot Awning, Commercial Awning Recovers and Repairs

recovers and repairs for existing awnings

We make Awnings Great Again!

Patriot can manufacture new covers or recovers for existing frames for just about any frame! Whether you've got a shopping center or just one awning! Our custom canvas shop can make your old awnings look brand new again! We use a variety of fabrics depending on the size, shape and slope of your awning or canopy.

Patriot has invested heavily in this area, and we are very competitive when it comes to recovering or adding new fabric to your existing awning frame! Patriot Awning also offers repairs to existing awnings depending on how clean the cover is and the extent of damage to your existing cover - we may be able to repair your awning for less than it would cost to make a new cover.

Charlotte Awning Supplier, Patriot Awning Company, New Covers, Custom Canvas

Ask about the thread!

Don't come apart at the seams! Patriot Awning was the FIRST awning company in Charlotte to use PTFE thread on all of our awnings so that your thread doesn't rot out. Why should making something that doesn't rot be a sales gimmick and not an expectation?

Awning Thread in Charlotte, Patriot Awning

We don't care who made your frame! We can make it new again!

Because Patriot has our own sewing department (many awning companies in Charlotte don't have sewing machines) we can recover just about any frame or retractable awning! Even if we didn't make the original awning! The only awnings we will not recover are the ones you see on TV late at night, awnings bought on Amazon or Chinese made retractable awnings.

Fabric Awning Supplier in Charlotte, Patriot Awning

Pipe Frame Awning Recovers

Patriot still services older pipe-frame awnings. If you have a sentimental attachment to your old pipe-frame or don't want to buy a new frame we may be able to recover your awning! Understand that these covers will not be a perfect fit - see your contract for details on issues with these frames. Special terms and conditions apply to these covers!

Patriot Awning
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