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Buying metal awnings doesn't have to break the bank! Roll-Formed canopies and marquee hanger rod awnings are a much less expensive and just as functional as our extruded fascia AmeriDeck system. Perfect for dock doors, churches, homes, and industrial / commercial settings, and MRI Trailers, these canopies will protect and channel water much better than a fabric awning. Aluminum is lightweight, durable and virtually maintenance-free. Patriot Awning's EconoDeck system is fully engineered, prefinished and value priced. These canopies have a integrated gutter system with either scuppers or downspouts. Patriot Awning has been Charlotte's most reliable supplier of aluminum metal awnings since we've been in business!

EconoDeck Roll-Formed Awnings

Charlotte, NC

EconoDeck Roll-Formed Metal Awnings

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