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Commercial Fabric Awnings & Canopies

Commercial storefront retail awnings and canopies are among our most cost-effective products. Offering weather protection, adding visual dimension and doubling as signage, storefront awnings are highly effective marketing tools and will often pay for themselves very quickly. Our awnings for storefronts and businesses are also available with logos, lettering, backlit graphics and several other signage and indentity options. With extensive experience in all phases of commercial awning construction and the best warranties in the industry, Patriot Awning in Charlotte, NC is your hometown awning contractor! And yes, we manufacture all the fixed awnings we sell!

Fabric awnings and canopies offer many benefits for any commercial property, retail business or shopping center. Fabric will provide shade, lower temperatures and reduce your utility bills. Fabric awnings provide protection from the elements by covering doorways and patios. Patio covers increase space and capacity allowing restaurants seat more customers. Patriot Awning uses the latest technology to heat-seal our fabric panels and set the standard for other awning companies forcing most of them to use PTFE thread that doesn't rot as a standard!

BUT IMAGE IS EVERYTHING! The ability to add graphics and logos to any fabric awning or canopy can add elegance, class personality and make your business STAND OUT above the rest! Patriot Awning uses our own in-house graphics department to full-print awning covers, provide graphics, applique and designs on awnings! We pride ourselves on being a full-service awning manufacturer!

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